A Fast Benchmarking Software
for Surface Quantum Computing Architectures

SQUAB - Surface Quantum Architectures Benchmarking - is a software that allows to analyze the performance of quantum computing architectures based on surface codes. This software is presented in the article:

A linear-time benchmarking tool for generalized surface codes
Nicolas Delfosse, Pavithran Iyer, David Poulin

Using this software, one can construct and display a lattice supporting the quantum bits (qubits) and run fast monte-carlo simulations to analyze the performance of any layout of qubits. A performance report is generated by the software showing different features of the chosen architecture such as the weight of measurements the robustness against X-Pauli errors, Z-Pauli errors or both errors simultaneously.

This is an implementation in c due to Nicolas Delfosse and Pavithran Iyer. Comments are welcome, both on the software and on the corresponding article.

We would like to thank Christophe Vuillot and Martin Roetteler for their comments.

Squab is a free software. It can be redistributed and modified under the terms of the MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2016 - Nicolas Delfosse, Pavithran Iyer

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